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Eliza Lainn

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Young Adult Books

For Ages 13+

Perception by Eliza Lainn
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New Adult Books

For Ages 18+

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Bel has never felt like the main character in her own it makes some kind of twisted, sardonic sense when she discovers her best friend is a reincarnated vampire princess. And that, according to the five insanely hot vampires who've come for her, she must undergo an awakening ritual, become a vampire once more, and reclaim her magical abilities.

Bel won't lose her best friend.  Not if she can help it.  But when the villain is revealed, and Bel finds her convictions faltering. He is wicked temptation, darkness and desire. And worse, his mere presence leaves Bel questioning whether to hold fast to duty and daylight... or embrace the encroaching dusk.


Hello, I'm Eliza.

And I subsist off daydreams and Dr. Pepper.

Eliza Lainn is the author of the Apparition Investigation series and the Einherjar Games duology. She loves fantastical stories full of magic, mayhem, and monsters, though she’s been known to read through some science fiction now and again. She has an unhealthy obsession with billowing coats, can’t throw a battle axe to save her life, and daydreams constantly about what it would be like to have superpowers. 

When not writing, she’s probably playing video games with her partner, failing to teach her dog how to play dead, or attempting to channel her inner Great British Bake-Off persona in the kitchen.

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