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Book Review: A Witch Called Red (Red Witch Chronicles #1) by Sami Valentine

Book Blurb:

Taken in by a supernatural bounty hunter, Red spent the last year searching for her true identity. All she found were monsters to kill.

When a murdered model washes up on a lonely beach, she goes to Los Angeles to investigate. Instead of angels in the shadow of the Hollywood Sign, she only finds more bodies.

And vampires who know her better than she knows herself.

In a world where demons have souls, witches have amnesia, and humans are clueless about either, Red needs to keep her wits sharp and her stake sharper.

Or she’ll die before she even learns her real name.

My Review:

I was a little late getting to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer party. I was a Firefly fan first and didn’t know about Buffy until years after I’d finished the single…solitary…line season of Firefly (which I’m not bitter about being cancelled).

Anyway, I got strong Buffy vibes throughout this story. Sami brings on her own flare to the story, adding a twist a la The Vampire Diaries, but with the mystery element you might expect from Nancy Drew.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. And the snappy humor left me giggling more than once. Plus she calls the human hunters Bards. Bards!! My little Pathfinder self swooned from happiness.

There were some places that left me confused. And I lost the vein of the story, not following how Red made her leaps of deduction, or why she placed herself in certain situations. Plus, the give and take of the mystery left me unsatisfied at certain times—I felt like more mystery was piled on without answers being balanced. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good mystery, but I didn’t like how the middle kept piling them on. I felt overloaded, stuck with the same feeling right before I rage quit a video game.

Still, I enjoyed the story and am interested to see how it progresses. I think it earned a solid 4 out of 5 stars!


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