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Standalone Stories

These stories are quirky, fantastical, and completely independent.

Strong Female Protagonist

Neal isn't the protagonist for just one story...but three.

Neal's known since she was a baby that three casts of characters wanted her to be their heroine. Her father's done everything in his power to protect her from that fate, but now those stories are ready to begin. And they won't take no for an answer.

First up: science fiction. When a rogue alien thief drops unconscious at her feet, Neal is embroiled in a human versus alien race to find the secret, world-shattering weapon he'd stolen. Each side thinks she knows where it is...and they'll do anything to find it.

Next in line: romance. The new guy in town is cute, smart, and insanely successful. And he's over the moon for Neal...too bad she feels absolutely zero chemistry with him.

Last but not least: fantasy. The Knights of the Round Table have split into two factions since King Arthur's death, each side blaming the other for Camelot's fall. Now, in order to complete a quest given by Merlin, they'll need Neal's help...but neither side s interested in working together.

If she wants to get her life back, she'll have to navigate this universal mix-up and find a way to end all three stories. Even as they chaotically (and sometimes violently) interrupt each other in the most humorous ways possible. It won't be easy, especially since she'll have to prove to everyone--and most importantly, herself--that she has what it takes to be the strong female protgonist of her own life. If she can't, her story might get shelved...permanently.

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