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Meet the Team

Apparition Investigations can solve the mysteries no one else can. 

With two psychics, two ghosts, and one spunky leader overly knowledgeable in the occult, the ghost-hunters of Apparition Investigations are uniquely suited to battle vengeful ghosts and ruthless demons.  But dealing with ghosts is never straight-forward.  And their recently awakened perceptions to the world of the dead leads them to dark, dangerous, and disturbing places.  Whether they face secrets meant to stay buried, spirits unable to move on, or other psychics determined to thwart death itself, they'll need to rely on each other to survive.  Because it’s not just their lives on the line should they fail… but their very souls.

Apparition Investigations #1: Perception

Stella doesn't have an issue with the two swoon-worthy ghosts haunting her new apartment. But the depraved and sadistic entity stalking them? Yeah, that could be a problem.

After moving into their new apartment, best friends Stella and Bronte quickly learn it’s haunted.  But Cyril and Oliver, their resident ghosts, are polite and charming, turning their lives into something more Casper than Insidious.

At first.

Soon, Cyril and Oliver realize something else has followed them into their new home…something depraved.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, a psychic has picked up on the supernatural disturbances and vows to exorcise all the ghosts present, including Stella and Bronte’s new friends.  If the four are going to survive their enemies—both living and dead—they’ll need to adapt to the new world they’ve found themselves in.

Before it’s too late.

If you like Meg Cabot’s Mediator series, Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters, and Libba Bray’s Diviners, you won’t be able to put down this breathtakingly addictive Apparition Investigation series starter.

Scarolet E., Amazon Review

"This is book number one in this wonderful start to a brand new series written by a brand new author that I have fallen in love with and can not wait to read book number two in this wonderful series. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about fantasy and paranormal romance."

Sarah B., Amazon Review

"This is such a good read!! The story is fun and fast paced, the characters come alive and the plot pulls you in. I have recommend to everyone in my life to read this book!"

MGL, Amazon Review

"Very high praise for this adventure. It is a compelling story, augmented by skillful developmental narration and admirable character development. A few pages into the story it is riveting, and the pace is evenly maintained throughout." 
Apparition Investigations #2: Opposition

The Apparition Investigations has their next two cases.

The Horton Grand Hotel:

A maid at the Horton Grand Hotel has been shot…only she claims it was by a ghost.  The crew heads to sunny California to examine the maid’s story, but when they arrive, they realize they weren’t the only team called in.  The Adair brothers from rival firm Obscurity Consultants are tried and tested when it comes to handling ghosts, which could be a problem for Cyril and Oliver.  Based on the real-life haunting of the Horton Grand Hotel!

Friendswill High School:

An infectious plague has swept through a local school, only affecting students of a particular grade.  What’s more, the strange sickness seems to coincide with the recent loss of a beloved student.  But as AI digs deeper, they learn the dearly departed wasn’t loved by everyone…and that resentment can persist long past death.  With such negativity festering over the school, anything could be summoned, including creatures born of pure darkness.

Buckle up for another spooky ride perfect for fans of Ghostbusters and Nancy Drew!

Larry, Amazon Review

"This book had moments when I got chills. In fact, I decided to stop reading it at night.  There were moments I felt I was almost part of the story, and there were moments I didn't want to be any part of the of the story because it was chilling. "

Martha K., Amazon Review

"The characters were very real. Loved the detailed characterizations of the apparitions and the investigators. Can’t wait for number 3 in the series!"

Angie B., Amazon Review

"We embark on yet more mystery and mayhem in two different cases that the Apparition Investigators are confronted with. Still a bit scary and if you choose to read at night, do so with the lights on. You won’t think of shadows the same again."
Apparition Investigations #3: Subjection

Apparition Investigations is taking a break.

It’s much deserved after the hellish training Obscurity Consultants has put them through.  For one week, they’ll take a much-needed break from anything demonic, ghostly, or weird—minus Cyril and Oliver’s company, of course.

At first glance, The Ocean Gypsy seems like a veritable paradise.  And the team can’t wait to unwind.  But as they explore the ship more, they can’t stop the nagging feeling that something is desperately wrong on board.

Cut off from outside help, they’ll need to rely on their new training, each other, and their blossoming psychic abilities to defend the ship and her passengers.  The stakes are greater than ever before because this time, they’re truly on their own.

The friendship in Nancy Drew meets the ghost-hunting antics of Ghostbusters and the romance of Meg Cabot's Mediator series in this thrilling third installment of the Apparition Investigation series!

Larry, Amazon Review

"This author gets better and better. This book was her best yet. I was surprised when I reached the end because I was so engrossed that the time flew by! Like when you see a movie that's so good you had no idea it 3.5 hours. In this day of fascination with all things ghost, Eliza Lain has landed a brilliantly creative adventure and love story. I can't wait for the next one!"

Angie, Amazon Review

"An excellent series, full of discovering the depths of one’s senses, real and surreal. More paranormal antics abound. Somehow this storyteller is able to infuse enough humor to balance the cold chills that move up your spine. We encounter more challenges and surprises in this maze of almost impossible circumstances onboard a ship in this adventure. Hang on to your hat…it’s a must read to the end!"
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