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Assemble your Mantle

Would you stake your soul on you winning the Game?

Valor City is home to the cutthroat Einherjar Games, a battle royale pitting the myths and legends from Fólkvangr against each other.  To take part, Players from Valor City assemble Mantles of champions to fight on their behalf.  The winner gains entry to Eden, the garden paradise, the supreme utopia.  The losers fade into oblivion, their souls torn asunder in the very game they play.

Agnes never wished to play.  But her sister needs her... and Arthur Pendragon has an offer too compelling to refuse...

The Einherjar Games #1: Bread & Circuses

Create a Mantle. Battle the other players. The last person standing wins entry to Eden…all others cease to exist.

Agnes Sinclair never had a reason to play in the Einherjar Game before. Not with its fatal stakes. The winner might gain entry to Eden, but all others suffer a fate worse than death: their souls fade to nothing.

Then she looked in on her little sister.

The only way to save her is to win the Game. But to do that, she’ll need a Mantle, one composed of the myths and legends trapped in Fólkvangr. Just when all hope seems lost, Arthur Pendragon offers one too enticing to refuse: The Twelve Knights of the Round Table. He wants them out of Fólkvangr, and she needs their strength to save her sister.

But it won’t be easy. The other players are determined to win; Valor City—even on a good day—is no place for the weak; and Valen Augustus, the Board Chairman of the Game, has his own agenda. An entire city is poised against them…

May the best player win.

If you enjoy Suzanne Collins, Victoria Schwab, and Annette Marie, you won’t be able to put down this action-packed, swoon-worthy, battle royale series starter to The Einherjar Games.

The Einherjar Games #2: His Gray Eminence

A darkness rules over Valor City. Reigning from the shadows. Conducting its citizens in a twisted dance to satisfy its greed.

Agnes had a plan. But it all fell apart the moment she went off-script to rescue her friend from the Sweeper gang, Laurel. Just when she thought she might get back on track, and tackle the other Players in earnest, Laurel found her.

And delivered her to the de facto king of Valor City himself.

Trapped in Valen's web, he delivered a crushing blow: he has no intention of granting her immortality if she wins the Game. Without immortality, she can't reach Eden. And if she can't reach Eden, she can't save her sister.

Now, in order to save Arielle, she'll have to go outside the rules of the Game. But with so few Players left, and each vying for a leg up on the competition, she'll have to get creative in her next steps forward. Especially when she learns that while Valor City might recognize Valen as their leader, the city's golden boy answers to a darker power.

One she, Arthur, and her knights might not be able to withstand.

The Hunger Games meets Yu-Gi-Oh! in a spectacular, heart-stopping adventure. If you enjoy Suzanne Collins, Victoria Schwab, and Annette Marie, you won’t be able to put down this fast-paced adventure, slow-burn romance, mythology-filled battle royale conclusion to The Einherjar Games.

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